For bold talent and innovators shaping the future of work and innovation

Idea Studio Africa is where young professionals launch, accelerate and grow their design skills, careers, ideas and businesses to shape the future of work and entrepreneurship.

Africa is home to the world’s most ambitious talent and unlimited opportunities

Now more than ever, young people are in search of careers that aligns with their values and life purpose. They are also increasingly looking to create impact, unlearn, re-learn, upskill, transition, and advance their careers or venture into entrepreneurship and design. 

By 2050, Africa will have the largest workforce in the world.  Currently, young people face a limit on what they can achieve, and how fast. They are being held back by complex challenges such as: 

  • Mismatch of skills taught in institutions and skills needed at the current workplace.
  • Changing needs in the workplace and job market driven by the ‘new normal’.
  • Non-existent learning and practice environment.
  • Complexities of starting and growing a business
  • Limited employment and income opportunities.

This is why Idea Studio Africa exists

Idea Studio Africa creates the ideal environment for young professionals to design their career and entrepreneurial paths, maximize their potential and to create impact.

Our immersive programs provide professionals with the practice environment, the tools and resources, a lifelong community of peers, experts, and mentors, and the support to build meaningful careers, showcase capabilities and skills, and launch and build impactful and viable ventures

Who the Idea Studio Africa program is for

Young Entrepreneurs

looking to launch and build viable ventures and to build their teams

Young Professionals

seeking to gain skills, build meaningful work experiences, launch and grow their careers

What you get as an Idea Studio Fellow

Learning & Practice Environment

Access a supportive and dynamic learning practice environment to upskill, learn and practice the skills for the future of work and entrepreneurship

Tools and Resources

Access the tools and resources to help you practice your skills and abilities and create value whether in your business or at the workplace

Lifelong Community

Access (life & career) mentors, coaches and experts to help you navigate your current journey and build your future. Learn and grow alongside other ambitious young professionals.

Immersive & meaningful projects

Work on immersive, real and meaningful projects and challenges with expert facilitation and practical learning to help deepen your skills and abilities.

Credibility & Brand

Build and showcase your credibility and value to achieve your career and life goals. Build and leverage strong networks to access opportunities. Measure, evaluate and share your growth and progress.

Post fellowship support

Receive follow up support to launch and grow your venture or access meaningful internship and work opportunities post the fellowship program.

Customized Tracks designed to meet
you at the stage you are in

Click either of the tracks to learn more 

This track is designed for aspiring entrepreneurs, idea-stage and early-stage founders, and teams looking to launch or refine their businesses, and are seeking further support, tools, skills, talent, opportunities, and coaching.

  • Explore, Validate and Build a minimum viable business (or an actual business)
  • Get support identifying promising business opportunities
  • Develop and practice the skills needed to run a business
  • Access pre-vetted Talent and team for your venture
  • Get expert support and mentorship to design your business (from exploration, business design, and launch)
  • Track and communicate your progress, your skills, and capabilities
  • Receive further support at the end of the fellowship to further grow your venture inform of a launch fund

This Track is designed for young professionals who are looking to build and grow their design and innovation skills and future of work skills by learning and practicing design and innovation through real world experiences.

  • Gain practical design, innovation, and leadership skills.
  • Learn, practice, and showcase skills needed for the future of work.
  • An environment to practice and hone your skills by working on real projects during the fellowship.
  • Tools and resources you need to practice and showcase your skills
  • Discover or deepen your creative, design thinking and design doing skills.
  • Access, connect, and collaborate with a community of peers, mentors, experienced practitioners and local and global partners.

Next cohorts starts June, 2022

What the 15 weeks entail

An immersive experience with session deep-dives,
project application learning, feedback, expert
and community sessions

Founder Fellowship Track (15 weeks) (Program Investment Kes. 50,000/=)

Explore & Discover

5 weeks

Self Discovery & Leadership

Human Centered Design

Problem search & research


Work Planning & Collaboration

Working with digital tools


5 weeks

Designing your Business 

  • Creating Value
  • Delivering Value
  • Capturing Value

Building a Minimum Viable Product

Co-founder and team matching

Mentorship + Expert support

Reviews and Metrics

Launch & Grow

5 weeks

Business Operations

Hiring/Access talent



Building Culture


Expert Support

Human-Centered Innovation Cohort

16 Weeks

Designed for professionals new to design and who are looking to learn and practice Human-Centered Design, and to build careers in Design and Innovation Research.

Program Overview

4 weeks

Intro to HCD, project scoping, project planning, working with digital tools and design leadership

8 Weeks

Project Immersion (Field Research, Synthesis, Ideation, Prototyping, Testing and Business Design 

4 weeks

Launch your Design & Innovation Research Career   through work-readiness immersive sessions

Added Skills

(Project Management, Digital Collaboration, Leadership, Communications, Facilitation, Presentation Skills, Digital Tools)

(Program Investment: Kes. 60,000/=)


Elective Design Program Cohort

16 Weeks

Designed for professionals with at least 2 years work experience who are looking to up-skill further in design or looking to explore and develop their careers as Business Designers, Service Designers, Mobile-first designers & Communication Designers

Program Overview

4 Weeks

 Human-Centered Design, Project scoping and planning, design leadership and working with digital tools

8 Weeks

Project Immersion within your desired design career path: design research, business design, communication design, service  design

4 Weeks

Launch your Design Career Path in Business Design, Communication Design, Service Design, Design Research and Venture Design

(Program Investment: Kes. 60,000/=) 


Full Intensive Design Program Cohort

6 Months

Designed for young professionals looking to start or transition their careers into design and would like to learn and practice Human-Centered Design and after develop specialization in Design Research, Business Design, Communication Design, Service Design and Mobile-first Design

Program Overview

3 months

Immersive & Intensive Human-Centered Design and Research and Design Leadership

2 months

Immersive & Intensive elective Design career path in Design Research, Communication Design, Venture Design, Business Design & Service Design

1 month

Launch your Design Career Path in Business Design, Communication Design, Service Design, Design Research and Venture Design

(Program Investment: Kes. 100,000/=)


Your investment

It’s impossible to put a price to your lifelong career investment. With support from our partners and our community, we are making the Idea Studio Program affordable to you. Your investment is to help design an enabling environment for you to grow.

Upfront Investment

Ksh 44,999/=

Pay full amount by 24th September

Flexible Installment Plan

Ksh 49,999/=

Ksh 30,000/= by 24th September

Ksh 10,000/= by 24th October

Ksh 9,999/= by 24th November

Joining the fellowship as a team of two or more? Receive a 5% team discount off your fellowship investment.

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Bjork Wise – CEO of Watermelon Company

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