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Welcome to Idea Studio Africa!

A place for you to build & practice skills and experiences, to help you launch,
pivot or grow your career, ideas or business.


Join the Career Launchpad Program

The ISA Career Launchpad is an immersive & flexible 8-week program for recent graduates and young professionals looking to build 21st century skills and experience to help them succeed in the workplace.


Enroll for the founders program

An immersive & flexible program for individuals and teams looking to validate business ideas or refine and grow viable businesses.


Idea Studio Africa is a career acceleration and entrepreneurship studio. We help young professionals and entrepreneurs build meaningful skill sets, experiences, mindsets, networks and opportunities needed to accelerate their careers and business ideas forward.


We run fellowship programs that are centered around the needs of young professionals and entrepreneurs,  and on existing and future opportunities in the world of work and entrepreneurship. 

The ISA fellowship programs are designed in collaboration with key stakeholders and industry partners to support young professionals to succeed.

The ISA Fellowship Programs

1. The ISA Career Launchpad Program

This is an immersive 8-week foundational program designed to help you build and practice 21st-century skills and mindsets, and project experience to help move your career forward. The program is designed for:

  • Recent graduates looking to kick start their careers 
  • Young professionals looking to up their skills in their current roles
  • Young professionals looking to transition careers

The program is open to recent graduates and young professionals from diverse backgrounds. 

2. The ISA Founders Launchpad Program

This is an immersive 3-month program for founders and entrepreneurs looking to start and grow their businesses. The program is designed to help participants:

  • Identify Business Opportunities
  • Build viable business models 
  • Set up the right business operations and processes
  • Launch or grow their businesses
  • Access business support services and talent 
  • Develop their business leadership skills
  • Build network, credibility and support to move their business forward

The next cohort of the ISA Founders Launchpad will be supporting entrepreneurs and founders in the following sectors.

  • Nature Based Solutions and Climate Adaptations
  • Digital Businesses and Communities
  • Food Systems and Regenerative Agriculture
  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Caregiving, wellness and Healthy living
  • Education & Learning

What you get as an Idea Studio Africa Fellow

At Idea Studio Africa, we pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality of learning experience to our participants. Idea Studio Africa provides:

A learning & practice environment

Access a supportive and flexible learning environment to upskill, learn and practice the skills for the future of work and entrepreneurship.

Immersive & meaningful projects

Work on real, immersive and meaningful projects and challenges with expert facilitation and practical learning to help deepen your skills and abilities.

Tools & resources

Access the tools and resources needed to help you practice your skills and abilities; all while creating value at work or in your business.

Credibility & brand

Build and leverage strong network opportunities; while showcasing your credibility and value to achieve your career and life goals. You will also measure, evaluate and share your growth and progress.

A lifelong community

Access (life and career) mentors, coaches and experts to help you navigate your current journey. Learn and grow alongside other ambitious professionals and visionary entrepreneurs.

Access to post-program support

Whether you’re looking for meaningful work opportunities or follow-up support to launch and grow your venture, ISA is the right place for you.


Belong to an incredible community of lifelong learners, innovators and experts.

Partner with Us

We are excited to collaborate with individuals and organizations who have a shared vision of developing and investing in talent in Africa in the research, design, innovation, and entrepreneurship space. Join us in investing in today’s innovative talent as a project partner, funding partner, talent partner, or investment partner.

Join as a Learning Support Member

Looking to deepen your work or impact by developing bold and innovative talent across Africa?  Idea Studio Africa collaborates with skilled individuals and experts with lived experience as curriculum designers, session facilitators, coaches, mentors, project advisors, and much more. We would like to hear from you!

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Join the future of work and entrepreneurship.

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