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Welcome to Idea Studio Africa!

An immersive environment to practice, launch, build,
and grow your careers, ideas and businesses.


Have a Business Idea?
Validate and Launch in Just 15 Weeks!

A program for aspiring, idea-stage & early-stage entrepreneurs and
teams looking to explore, validate, refine or build innovative businesses.


Build your career in Research,
Design & Innovation today.

The Human-Centered Innovation Program will help you learn and
practice human-centered design methodologies and mindsets to
solve challenging problems.

A career building studio with a learner-centered approach.

Idea Studio Africa is an immersive career development and venture-building studio that uses a human-centered design approach to help you build and launch meaningful career pathways in research, design, innovation, and entrepreneurship. We ground our practice in nurturing mindsets, and building skills, experiences, community, and networks necessary to accelerate your career, ideas, or business.

The studio is part of Mideva Labs, a human-centered design, innovation, and co-creation studio that helps teams, organizations and communities bring to life innovative, sustainable, and impactful solutions that tackle today’s complex challenges faced by everyday people and in a way that partners with them throughout the journey.

Idea Studio Africa is redefining the learning, development, and earning potential for individuals and professionals in Africa through entrepreneurship, design, and innovation.

Centered to help you build a meaningful career pathway in design, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Idea Studio Africa exists to upskill and empower individuals, teams or organisations with knowledge, mindsets and methods that drive innovation, build creativity and maximise their potential for the future of work and entrepreneurship. Our immersive programs provide learners with the practice environment, the tools and resources, a lifelong community of peers, experts, and mentors, and the support to build meaningful careers, showcase capabilities and skills, and launch and build impactful and viable ventures.

Our programs are made for:


who want to launch or refine their products or services or looking to source and onboard talent for their ventures.


seeking ways to build and showcase their value and capabilities in order to help them launch and grow successful freelancing businesses.

Recent Graduates
and Job Seekers

looking to gain work experience and access meaningful internship opportunities in the design, innovation and entrepreneurship space.

Aspiring Entrepreneurs

looking for an ideal immersive and flexible environment to learn and practice entrepreneurial skills in order to start on their own ventures or work in a startup environment.

Career Transitioners

looking for an environment to build skills and credibility to transition into careers in research, design and innovation.

Career Explorers

seeking to learn new skills, explore opportunities, build strong networks and to work for causes they care about.


looking to upskill or learn new approaches, mindsets and tools to work on new challenges, lead teams and grow their careers.

Teams in Organisations

keen to learn new approaches, explore new ideas, build more capabilities and skills in research, design and innovation.

Customised programs designed to meet you at the stage you are in and take you to the next level.

Idea Studio Africa currently offers career pathways in Design Innovation, and Venture Building. To get you started in these pathways, the Human-Centred Innovation program is a foundation program that helps you build foundational mindsets, approaches, and skills.

Whether you’re an individual looking to add value to your work environment or an entrepreneur looking to validate your business, our programs are set to take your career forward.

The Human Centred Innovation (HCI) Program

Human-Centered Innovation (HCI) is a creative approach to problem-solving by understanding evolving mindsets, behaviors, perspectives, attitudes, needs, pain-points and aspirations, and designing solutions that meet the needs of these people in the most effective and empathetic ways.

Our program offers an immersive design learning experience that aims to bridge the gap between design education and the industry by bringing together learners, practitioners, changemakers, and the industry to identify challenges, validate ideas, and build solutions that meet the needs of the people in our communities.

We integrate real-time experiences into our learning program for learners to have a hands-on immersion in applying learned skills to currently existing challenges. The outcomes from the design projects are tangible, validated concepts that can be piloted and implemented in collaboration with our partners.

What you gain by taking the Human Centred Innovation (HCI) program:

  • Understand how to identify existing and emerging pain points, challenges, behaviors, aspirations, and needs of the people you are designing for.
  • Develop a systemic view lens to problem-solving by understanding how a user’s social, economic and environmental ecosystem influences their experience with using a product or service.
  • Tailor and use diverse design research methods that enable you to gain efficient and valuable quantitative and qualitative data.
  • Make sense of the data from research into insights that can be actioned into tangible ideas.
  • Generate ideas quickly that can be developed into solutions that address the most pressing needs and that have the potential to have a wider reach of stakeholder impact.
  • Quickly, affordably and creatively develop concepts into prototypes that can be tested to validate product-market fit.
  • Discover and identify desirable, feasible, and viable opportunities for problem areas affecting the most pressing challenges in our communities.
  • Quickly, affordably, and creatively develop concepts into prototypes that can be tested to validate product-market fit.
  • Learn and practice 21st century skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, empathy, project management, communication, report writing, self-management and leadership.
Cohort Learning
Hybrid Sessions (Online and In-Studio)
4 Months (16 weeks)
Program Investment: KES 60,000/=
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Design Innovation Pathway

Design Innovation is an immersive design skills and career accelerator program that provides aspiring designers with the environment, the mindset, the skills and tools needed to begin or develop their careers in design. We offer a blend of multidisciplinary design programs individuals can specialise in. Current programs in this pathway are Business Design And Design Research.

What you gain by taking the Design Innovation pathway:

  • Gain practical design, innovation, and leadership skills.
  • Learn, practice and showcase the skills needed for the future of work.
  • Work on real projects while learning.
  • Get access to digital tools and resources that will make learning fun and easier.
  • Discover and deepen your design and creative thinking skills.
  • Access, connect, and collaborate with a community of peers, mentors, experienced practitioners and local and global partners.

Business Design Program

Business Designers combine human-centered design methodologies, approaches, and mindsets, with business models and strategy tools, and approaches to solve business challenges and design opportunities to create value for customers, stakeholders, and the business.

The business design track is for professionals looking to build the skills, mindsets, practices and approaches that can help create new ventures, businesses, and initiatives that are desirable to their customers, financially viable for the business stakeholders, feasible to build and scale for long-lasting impact.

Cohort Learning
Hybrid Sessions (Online and In-Studio)
4 Months (16 weeks)
Program Investment: KES 120,000/=

The skills gained from this track will enable you to:

  • Combine the skills of business modeling with the methods and mindsets of human-centered design (research, ideation and prototyping).
  • Learn how to prototype, test and refine four key aspects of a business – the value proposition and offer, the revenue model, the sales channel and business partnerships & impact.
  • Bring ideas to life, or help design, launch and validate new innovative, impactful and sustainable interventions.
  • De-risk business ideas and craft sustainable business models that are rooted in the people the venture seeks to serve.
  • Prototype and iterate components of a venture’s business model to unlock more value from an existing product or service.
  • Work on new initiatives and ventures inside an existing business or organization.
  • Determine which offer, revenue model, and sales channel will work for a business or a new initiative.
  • Draft a business blueprint to move a business concept forward and get buy-in from stakeholders.
  • Pitch a venture to stakeholders to get buy-in.
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Design Research Program

The Design Research track dives into the tools, methodologies and processes used to better understand the underlying and sometimes hidden human behaviours, attitudes, motivations, needs and ecosystem relationships. Design Research helps unearth contextual and environmental factors that shape people’s experiences and that provides evidence-based information to back up a product’s desirability, feasibility and viability.

Cohort Learning
Hybrid Sessions (Online and In-Studio)
4 Months (16 weeks)
Program Investment: KES 120,000/=

The skills gained from this track will enable you to:

  • Collect user needs through a variety of contextual research methods to validate or invalidate ideas.
  • Uncover and clarify complex patterns of human behaviours, attitudes, and perspectives through iterative hypothesis and experimentation.
  • Develop a systemic lens for problem-solving by identifying and mapping out relationships within and between ecosystems.
  • Prioritise, evaluate and make connections between all data points by making sense of the data gathered by forming insights through the synthesis process.
  • Process and present data into useful formats that can help you decipher data gathered and identify the most critical elements for design considerations using virtual and tangible tools.
  • Design products and services based on evidence from actual users, and not on assumptions to build credibility.
  • Develop an understanding of long-term product strategy through evidence-based decision-making to gain a competitive advantage.
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Venture Building Programs

Building a successful business on your own can be challenging. The Venture Building program is designed to help you along the way. The program is designed for aspiring, idea-stage and early-stage entrepreneurs and teams who are looking to explore, validate or build new or refine existing businesses. 

Depending on where you are at in your journey, the Explore Ideas, Validate your Business and Launch your Business tracks equip you with tools, skills, mindsets, talent opportunities, resources, coaching, and business support services to make learning immersive and impactful for your venture and to take you to the next level in your entrepreneurship journey.

What you gain by taking the Venture Building Programs

  • Explore, Validate and Build a minimum viable business (or an actual business).
  • Get support identifying promising business opportunities.
  • Develop and practice the skills needed to run a business.
  • Access pre-vetted talent and team for your venture.
  • Get expert support and coaching to design and build your business.
  • Access, connect and collaborate with a community of peers, entrepreneurs, coaches, and potential partners.
  • Track and communicate your progress, skills, and capabilities.
  • Potentially receive further support at the end of the program in the form of a launch fund.
Under the Venture Design Pathway, we offer:

Explore Ideas Track

The Explore Ideas Track is for anyone looking to learn and practice how to identify viable business opportunities to pursue. This immersive track will help you explore and identify business opportunities based on research and understanding of your target customers’ needs, challenges, and aspirations and understanding of gaps/opportunities that currently exist in your target market.

You will also gain creative confidence by applying the methods and mindsets of design thinking and human-centered design in understanding the social, functional, emotional, and behavioral needs and aspirations of your customers and stakeholders.

Cohort Learning
Hybrid Sessions (Online and In-Studio)
6 weeks
Program Investment: KES 30,000/=
Cohort starts in October 2022 Pre-Apply Now

Validate Your Business Track

The Validate your Business track is for individuals and teams with an already existing product or service and are looking to test aspects of their business or to achieve product-market fit.

This track helps you attain product-market fit faster, by demonstrating how your solution creates, delivers, and captures value for your users. You’ll also get to remove risk and develop revenue models for your solution that are substantiated by evidence from users, customers, and market research. Additionally, you will design and test metrics to measure the success of your business as well as customer acquisition and retention strategies.

Cohort Learning
Hybrid Sessions (Online and In-Studio)
6 weeks
Program Investment: KES 40,000/=
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Launch Your Business Track

The Launch your Business track is for individuals and teams with a validated product or service and are looking to set up their business processes and activities for launch and growth.

This track helps you understand people and processes, talent and onboarding, culture, structures, use of data, the legal operating environment, financial compliance and reporting, investment support available and product development. You will also learn and practice how to frame and put together pitches in the interest of growing your venture.

Cohort Learning
Hybrid Sessions (Online and In-Studio)
6 weeks
Program Investment: KES 50,000/=
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What you get as an Idea Studio Fellow

At Idea Studio Africa, we pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality of learning to those who interact with our services. At the end of every learning experience, we ascertain that you will gain:

A learning and practice environment

Access a supportive and flexible learning environment to upskill, learn and practice the skills for the future of work and entrepreneurship.

Immersive and Meaningful Projects

Work on real, immersive and meaningful projects and challenges with expert facilitation and practical learning to help deepen your skills and abilities.

New Tools and Resources

Access the tools and resources needed to help you practice your skills and abilities; all while creating value at work or in your business.

A Credible Personal / Business Brand

Build and leverage strong network opportunities; while showcasing your credibility and value to achieve your career and life goals. You will also measure, evaluate and share your growth and progress.

A Lifelong Community

Access (life and career) mentors, coaches and experts to help you navigate your current journey. Learn and grow alongside other ambitious young professionals.

Access to Post Learning Support

Access meaningful internship and work opportunities and follow-up support to launch and grow your venture.

Answering Your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many programs does ISA have?

Idea Studio Africa currently has 4 programs. These are: The Human Centred Innovation Program, Venture Building Program, Business Design Program and Design Research Program.

What background do I need to have to join an ISA program?

Our fellows come from diverse backgrounds all with the goal to up-skill, change course or learn something new in research, design, innovation, or entrepreneurship.

Can I take two programs at the same time?

Due to the intensive and immersive nature of some of the courses, we do not recommend taking two courses at the same time. However, you can take up another program as soon as you’re done with one!

Is there a flexible payment plan?

Yes! We have tailored payment plans that can support the fellows who are most in need. To learn more about a payment plan that works for you, feel free to contact us via a phone call, a WhatsApp message, or email!

Are there available educational sponsorship options?

Yes! Our educational sponsorships are based on merit and economical needs. To learn more about our educational sponsorship, feel free to contact us via email.

How flexible is the attendance for the program for those with full time jobs?

Some of our programs have hybrid sessions that allow fellows with full-time jobs flexibility to attend them across the week. Check out the modules for our programs.

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