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Design your Business Masterclass

The Design Your Business Masterclass is for individual entrepreneurs and teams with an already existing product or service who are looking to validate and refine aspects of their business in order to achieve product-market fit or grow their business.

As part of the Design Your Business masterclass, you will:
  1. Leverage the art of business prototyping to refine your business model or develop a new one.
  2. Refine your value proposition and offer to customers by understanding their needs and aspirations.
  3. Refine your revenue model and pricing strategy so as to create sustainability for your business
  4. Refine your customer acquisition, retention and growth channels so as to increase your market share
  5. Design and test strategies for partnerships to achieve your business goals
  6. Design and test metrics to measure the success of your business and to communicate your business to customers, partners and other key stakeholders.

Overview for the 6 weeks

Week 1: Evaluating your Business Model

  • Understand the current inner working of your business by putting together your current business model
  • Identify elements in your business that you have the biggest assumptions about or that you would like to prioritize to achieve your desired business goals.

Week 2: Refining your Value Proposition

  • Evaluate your existing value proposition and offers and highlight key assumptions and aspects that you would like to test and refine.
  • Build prototypes of your value proposition and offers and test them with your customers so as to refine your Value Proposition

Week 3: Testing your Revenue Model & Pricing

  • Refine your existing revenue models and pricing strategies to create more value for your customers and your business through experimentation.
  • Explore new and unique revenue models and pricing strategies.

Week 4: Testing your Customer Acquisition & Retention Channels

  • Evaluate the current demand for your products and services using suitable traction channels.
  • Design, and implement innovative sales and marketing strategies to help you deliver more value for your customers and your business

Week 5: Refine Your Business Model

  • Create a more informed business model for your business based on the validation of your value proposition and offer, your revenue model and pricing and your customer acquisition and retention channels to move your business forward and get buy-in from others.

Week 6: Build Your Business RoadMap

  • Create a roadmap for your business to set you and your team up for success informed by market research, the viability of your offer, your capabilities and resources.
  • Explore and create key metrics for your business so as to keep you aligned with your goals.
  • Pitch your business to receive input

Design your business Masterclass Structure and Key dates

  • Learning Model: Online (Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays)
  • Hours Per Week: 15 hours commitment.
  • Duration: 6 Weeks 
  • Program Investment: KES 50,000/= ( 15% off for female Entrepreneurs)
  • Payment Plan Available


Jul 15 2023 - Aug 19 2023