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Idea Studio Africa offers tailored learning journeys for your teams or initiatives.

For Organizations and Funders

Our custom-made experiences and learning journeys aim to turn your high-potential individuals and teams into pioneers of change within your organization in innovation and intrapreneurship, empowering them to continuously innovate and deliver unmatched value for your customers.

We design learning journeys in line with your organization’s strategic goals and the impact you hope to achieve. Through a collaborative approach with our expert learning team, partner experts, and with insights of the industry, we design programs and experiences that speak to your strategic goals and priorities, providing you with an unfair advantage in your sector or industry of work. We also design programs tailored to your initiatives.

What we can do for your Organization

We design innovative and immersive learning programs specific for your team or beneficiaries. We combine our unique problem-solving approach, human-centered design, lean start up and agile methodologies and contextual insights to empower your teams with business and innovation capabilities. 

The goal is to support your teams in realizing innovative products, services, and business models while equipping them with the business capabilities of our changing world.

Here are some programs we can co-design and run for your organization or initiatives.

1. Human-Centered Design Sprint

This program guides a diverse team in your organization or participants in your initiatives to develop human-centered solutions to challenges in your organization or their initiatives in an agile, and creative journey of 6-8 weeks.

As part of this program, participants will:

  • Develop validated human-centered solutions for the customer experience problems that the organization faces.
  • Build the systems necessary for bringing products to customers as quickly as possible and receiving feedback from them.
  • Experience lean innovation methods which you can iterate to enhance your services and reach maximum yield with minimal effort.
  • Experience radical collaboration, explore new ways of building empathy, practice the experimentation mindset.

2. Intrapreneurship program

This program is designed to empower teams with the entrepreneurial and business skills to create innovative business models, products, and services. The program can be designed to run for 12-16 weeks and is flexible in nature.

Through a series of sprints, the customized intrapreneurship program is designed to:

  • Support and empower aspiring intrapreneurs in your organization at every step, from the customer problem to value proposition, conceptualization, prototyping, business model design, Minimum Viable Product, and to product strategy
  • Present new opportunities to your team and support innovative ideas and concepts that would create value for your customers
  • Create new opportunities for your teams to connect better, build better relationships with your customers and unlock creativity and innovation.

3. Introduction to Human-Centered Design and Design Thinking

Discover the foundations, stages, and fields of application of the Human-Centered Design approach and its relevance to the changing world as a collaborative and creative problem-solving process by solving a real challenge. Explore the Design Thinking process to quickly and innovatively solve problems in the organization.

This workshop aims for its participants to learn to apply design-thinking in their daily work by having them experience all phases of the Design Thinking Process. Participants will work on topics of interest to ideate solutions and build prototypes. The workshop facilitates building empathy, trust and creates an environment necessary to unleash innovation and creativity in a team.