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We help you design and build desirable, viable and innovative businesses

Founders Launchpad Program

Building a thriving and successful business on your own can be challenging. The ISA Founders Launchpad program is here to walk with you all the way. This 3-month flexible and immersive program has been designed for founders or entrepreneurs or anyone looking to:

  • Identify Business Opportunities
  • Build viable business models 
  • Set up the right business operations and processes
  • Launch or grow their business
  • Access business support services
  • Access affordable talent for their  
  • Develop their business leadership skills
  • Build networks, credibility and support to move their business forward

The program will equip you with tools, skills, mindsets, resources and business support services depending on where you are at in your business journey. Additionally, you will have access to the ISA talent pool of young professionals in different fields who will provide support to your business during and post the program.

With the ISA Founders Launchpad, you will be empowered to recognize new opportunities, explore innovative approaches to your business, mobilize resources, manage risks, and build viable and impactful businesses.

What the program Entails

  • Immersive Business Leadership Bootcamp
  • Facilitated Sessions (in-person and virtual) 
  • Guest Sessions with experienced entrepreneurs, coaches and speakers
  • Venture Application Learning
  • Coaching and Feedback
  • Toolkits, template and worksheets for your business
  • Access to business support services such as legal, accounting, research, business strategy, tech
  • Final Pitch at the end of the program and mini-pitches during the program

Overview of your learning program

  • Identifying business opportunities 
  • Designing your business
  • Building your Business Model
  • Setting up processes and operations
  • Growing your Revenue
  • Growing your Brand
  • Growing your Business
  • Partnerships, Pitching, 
  • Building your business leadership capacity
  • Building your team

What you get as an Idea Studio Africa Fellow

At Idea Studio Africa, we pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality of learning experience to our participants. Idea Studio Africa provides:

A learning & practice environment

Access a supportive and flexible learning environment to upskill, learn and practice the skills for the future of work and entrepreneurship.

Immersive & meaningful projects

Work on real, immersive and meaningful projects and challenges with expert facilitation and practical learning to help deepen your skills and abilities.

Tools & resources

Access the tools and resources needed to help you practice your skills and abilities; all while creating value at work or in your business.

Credibility & brand

Build and leverage strong network opportunities; while showcasing your credibility and value to achieve your career and life goals. You will also measure, evaluate and share your growth and progress.

A lifelong community

Access (life and career) mentors, coaches and experts to help you navigate your current journey. Learn and grow alongside other ambitious professionals and visionary entrepreneurs.

Access to post-program support

Whether you’re looking for meaningful work opportunities or follow-up support to launch and grow your venture, ISA is the right place for you.

Answering Your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need a business idea to join the program?

While it is recommended to have a business idea, you don’t need to have a fully-fledged idea to join the program. Depending on where you are at, the program offers customized program modules – such as the Explore Ideas module, the Validate your Business module and the Launch your Business module.

In what industry should my business/ idea be involved in to join the program?

You can have a business idea from any industry or sector, so long as the venture you are building or hoping to build is creating value or solving a real problem.

Are there available educational sponsorship options?

Yes! Our educational sponsorships are based on merit and economical needs. To learn more about our educational sponsorship, feel free to contact us via email.

How flexible is the attendance for the program for those with full time jobs?

Some of our programs have hybrid sessions that allow fellows with full-time jobs flexibility to attend them across the week. Check out the modules for our programs.