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Redefining the future of learning, skills development, and entrepreneurship in Africa.

Idea Studio Africa is an immersive learning and skills development studio for individuals, entrepreneurs and teams.

We support you in building meaningful skills and experiences, needed mindsets, community, networks and opportunities necessary to accelerate your career, ideas and businesses.

Through our custom-made experiences and learning journeys, we aim to turn high-potential individuals and teams into pioneers of change, whether in the workplace or in entrepreneurship.

Idea Studio Africa is part of Mideva, a human-centered design and innovation consultancy that works with organizations to bring ideas to life.

We are redefining the learning, development, and earning potential for individuals and professionals in Africa through entrepreneurship and innovation.


Centered to help you explore and build meaningful career pathways in innovation and entrepreneurship.

Idea Studio Africa exists to upskill and empower individuals, teams or organisations with knowledge, mindsets and methods that drive innovation, build creativity and maximise their potential for the future of work and entrepreneurship. Our immersive fellowship programs provide learners and participants with the practice environment, the tools and resources, a lifelong community of peers, experts, and mentors, and the support to build meaningful careers, showcase capabilities and skills, and launch and build impactful and viable ventures.

Our fellowship programs are made for...

Recent Graduates and Young Professionals

  • Looking to learn and practice 21st-century skills and mindsets needed to succeed at the workplace
  • Looking to gain work experience and access meaningful work opportunities
  • Seeking ways to build and showcase their value and capabilities as a launchpad to starting their careers

Aspiring and Active Entrepreneurs

  • Looking for an ideal immersive and flexible environment to learn and practice entrepreneurial skills in order to start on their own ventures or work in a startup environment.
  • Who want to launch or refine their products or services or looking to source and onboard talent for their ventures.

Career Transitioners and Explorers

  • Looking for an environment to build skills and credibility to transition into new careers or environments such as the innovation and startup space.
  • Seeking to learn new skills, explore opportunities, build strong networks and work for meaningful causes

Professionals and Teams in Organisations

  • Looking to up-skill or learn new approaches, mindsets and tools to work on new challenges, lead teams and grow their careers.
  • Keen to learn new approaches, explore new ideas, build more capabilities and skills in research, design and innovation.

Answering Your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What background do I need to have to join the ISA fellowship programs?

Our fellows come from diverse backgrounds all with the goal to up-skill, transition, re-skill, change course or learn something new in research, design, innovation, or entrepreneurship.

Can I take two fellowship programs at the same time?

Due to the intensive and immersive nature of some of the fellowship programs, we do not recommend taking two programs at the same time. However, you can take up another program as soon as you’re done with one!

Is there a flexible payment plan?

Yes! We have tailored payment plans that can support the fellows who are most in need. To learn more about a payment plan that works for you, feel free to contact us via a phone call, a WhatsApp message, or email!

Are there any learning support sponsorship opportunities?

Yes! Our learning support scholarships are based on merit and economical needs. To learn more about the learning support sponsorships, contact us via email at

How flexible is the attendance for the fellowship program for those with full-time commitments?

Some of our fellowship programs support a hybrid learning model, allowing participants with full-time commitments and those in any location, the flexibility to attend. Check out the modules for our programs to learn more or reach out to us directly for any clarity.

How are the fellowship programs structured?

Each fellowship program is structured differently and has different commitment requirements. Generally, the fellowship is immersive and hybrid in nature, leveraging online and in-person delivery and practice.

Ready to start your journey with Idea Studio Africa?