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Business Designers combine the skills of business modeling with the methods and mindsets of human-centered design to design new or refine existing ventures

Design & Innovation Pathway: Mideva Business Design Fellowship

The Design & Innovation Pathway offers immersive research, design and innovation acceleration programs. We focus on providing aspiring designers with the environment, mindset, skills and tools needed to begin or develop their careers in design. Idea Studio Africa offers a blend of multidisciplinary design programs individuals can specialise in.

Current programs in this pathway are Business Design and Design Research Fellowship Programs

What you gain by taking the Mideva Business Design Fellowship:

  • Gain practical design, innovation, and leadership skills.
  • Learn, practice and showcase the skills needed for the future of work.
  • Work on real projects while learning.
  • Get access to digital tools and resources that will make learning fun and easier.
  • Discover and deepen your design and creative thinking skills.
  • Access, connect, and collaborate with a community of peers, mentors, experienced practitioners and local and global partners.

Business Design

The Mideva Business Design fellowship track is for professionals looking to build the skills, mindsets, practices and approaches that can help create new ventures, businesses, and initiatives that are desirable to their customers, financially viable for the business stakeholders, feasible to build and scale for long-lasting impact.

The skills gained from this track will enable you to:

  • Combine the skills of business modeling with the methods and mindsets of human-centered design (research, ideation and prototyping).
  • Learn how to prototype, test and refine four key aspects of a business – the value proposition and offer, the revenue model, the sales channel and business partnerships & impact.
  • Bring ideas to life, or help design, launch and validate new innovative, impactful and sustainable interventions.
  • De-risk business ideas and craft sustainable business models that are rooted in the people the venture seeks to serve.
  • Prototype and iterate components of a venture’s business model to unlock more value from an existing product or service.
  • Work on new initiatives and ventures inside an existing business or organization.
  • Determine which offer, revenue model, and sales channel will work for a business or a new initiative.
  • Draft a business blueprint to move a business concept forward and get buy-in from stakeholders.
  • Pitch a venture to stakeholders to get buy-in.

Cohort Learning
20hrs In-Studio (Team Sessions)
6 Months  (including 2 months work placement)
16hrs Off-Studio (Online Sessions)
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What you get as an Idea Studio Africa Fellow

At Idea Studio Africa, we pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality of learning experience to our participants. Idea Studio Africa provides:

A learning & practice environment

Access a supportive and flexible learning environment to upskill, learn and practice the skills for the future of work and entrepreneurship.

Immersive & meaningful projects

Work on real, immersive and meaningful projects and challenges with expert facilitation and practical learning to help deepen your skills and abilities.

Tools & resources

Access the tools and resources needed to help you practice your skills and abilities; all while creating value at work or in your business.

Credibility & brand

Build and leverage strong network opportunities; while showcasing your credibility and value to achieve your career and life goals. You will also measure, evaluate and share your growth and progress.

A lifelong community

Access (life and career) mentors, coaches and experts to help you navigate your current journey. Learn and grow alongside other ambitious professionals and visionary entrepreneurs.

Access to post-program support

Whether you’re looking for meaningful work opportunities or follow-up support to launch and grow your venture, ISA is the right place for you.

Answering Your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many programs does Idea Studio Africa have?

Idea Studio Africa currently has 4 programs. These are: Human-Centered Design Foundational Program, ISA Entrepreneurship Program, Mideva Design Research Fellowship and Mideva Business Design Fellowship.

What background do I need to have to join an ISA fellowship program?

Our fellows come from diverse backgrounds all with the goal to up-skill, transition, re-skill, change course or learn something new in research, design, innovation, or entrepreneurship

Can I take two fellowship programs at the same time?

Due to the intensive and immersive nature of some of the fellowship programs, we do not recommend taking two programs at the same time. However, you can take up another program as soon as you’re done with one!

Is there a flexible payment plan?

Yes! We have tailored payment plans that can support the fellows who are most in need. To learn more about a payment plan that works for you, feel free to contact us via a phone call, a WhatsApp message, or email

Are there any learning support sponsorship options?

Yes! Our learning support scholarships are based on merit and economical needs. To learn more about the learning support sponsorships, contact us via email at

How flexible is the attendance for the program for those with other full-time commitments?

Some of our fellowship programs support a hybrid learning model, allowing participants with full-time commitments and those in any location, the flexibility to attend. Check out the modules for our programs to learn more or reach out to us directly for any clarity.

How are the fellowship Programs Structured?

Each fellowship program is structured differently and has different commitment requirements. Generally, the fellowship is immersive and hybrid in nature, leveraging online and in-person delivery and practice.